October 2015 Samarpan Newsletter

Dear Friends of Samarpan:

We have good news for you. By the grace of God and your continued prayers, Alex is healthy and can travel to India to continue Samarpan’s medical mission. Mary and Alex will be leaving for India during the first week of November. This is their 27th medical mission trip to India. Though we started as a small medical clinic in a small village with Samarpan’s unconditional support and God’s provident love, the clinic grew into several humanitarian services such as: vision and dental care, children’s library, clean drinking water program, immunization program, youth soccer program and recently ”Meals on Heel’s”.

Some of the doctors and nurses from the USA have volunteered their services at the Samarpan Clinic. They traveled to India paying all travelling expenses by themselves in order to serve. We see that the needs are great but we can only undertake services that we can effectively manage.

This forth coming mission will focus on advancing “Meals on Heel’s”, diabetic care, blood pressure treatments, eye care, and dental care. We will meet with all Samarpan’s doctors, nurses, and other clinic staff. We are also aware that the meals program has become a much needed service in the village. The beneficiaries are either disabled or family members have abandoned them or they are left without any income. Please continue to pray and support Samarpan so that our trip is successful and safe.

Samarpan’s web-site is refurbished and now it has a modern look. Please check the site as many times as possible and refer to friends. Paul Gordon did a fantastic job rebuilding the web page and maintaining the site. Thank you, Paul. www.UncondionalService.com We will be back from India by Thanksgiving.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Dr. Alex Kodiath and Mary Kodiath



February 2014 Newsletter: Alex and Mary’s December Trip to India

Mary and I returned last month from India after a successful humanitarian outreach program of Samarpan in India. Although the trip was tiresome, we felt a special sense of protection because we traveled almost to the other side of the world, 20 hours of a airplane ride, and made it through the crowded streets of India. There had to be a providential power guiding us. Without any struggles or hindrance we are back to our regular work with good health and spirit. We want to thank you very specially for your support and prayers for Samarpan’s projects.

We guess that you would like to know more about the events and projects we addressed during this trip.

1. We planned three special medical clinics while we were in India. We met with three of Samarpan’s doctors and attended their clinics: the general medical clinic, eye clinic, and dental clinic. These clinics are going on with much care and support.

2. The new project was initiated because of the results of our informal study to start a meal program. The study showed the special needs for the vulnerable members of the community. There are many elders in the locality who have no family support or any financial means to have food day by day. Some of the illnesses are due to lack of proper nutrition. We understood that these people not only need medical interventions but also nutritional assistance.

3. Though our staff cannot prepare meals we came up with a simple and at the same time highly nutritious meals without much labor, preparation, and refrigeration: boiled eggs, bread, and bananas. The official meal program was started on January 2, 2014. Both of us and our staff ate the same food with twenty eight people at the clinic. The people who could not come to the clinic had the meals delivered to their homes. These people are basically bed ridden. We will give these meals every Thursday and they will be able to stretch it to use for 3-4 days. It’s unbelievable. There were some of these people that took Mary’s hand and just cried with such gratitude. They have almost nothing to eat and no one to help them.

4. When our diocesan bishop heard about the meal program, he came to our clinic. He thanked us and said that he would like to add some more names to the list of people to be included in the meal program.

5. In front of the clinic there is a community who has to use a steep climb to reach to a common road. During night and rainy days people continue to fall as they climb this steep area. Children and elderly are more vulnerable. Therefore, we decided to fund the repair to this and make the climb secure and permanent for the community.

Please find some enclosed pictures. Thank you again for your unconditional support to Samarpan and happy New Year.

With much gratitude and abundant blessings,

Alex and Mary

Thursday’s Meal Program January 2, 2014:


After the meal. 85 year old Mrs. Chandrika wants a picture with us:

85 pic

Nurse prepares for immunization at Samarpan:


On January 3, Aleena gave us a visit:


Family members bring children to Samarpan:


Road construction began Jan. 6:


Samarpan Summer Newsletter – 2010

July 12, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends: Pria and I just returned from our medical mission trip to India. Our Center in India continues to provide medical, vision, and dental care to young and old and to people of all faiths. I have included pictures below. Since Pria is a premed student this mission had some special goals for her. She was able to volunteer her time at the medical clinic. The doctors and nurses were very good to her in explaining and showing her many different medical diagnosis and treatments of patients. She particularly gained knowledge about the assessments of cataracts in elderly, decay in children’s teeth and had some practical ideas about infant vaccinations.

After a long trip and listening to endless requests for help, sometimes I began to doubt our effectiveness of service. At times I felt helpless because resources were fewer and fewer but the needs continue to mount. Somehow God always hears our prayers for these people. It is your love and generosity that indeed gave me the reassurance that God knows our needs and want us to continue this mission.

I want to thank you personally for your continued support of Samarpan. It’s really our friends like you who have helped us over the past twenty- three years to give unconditional service to the poor. Please enjoy the pictures I have attached, the building is small, but it is a new multipurpose center.

Very gratefully,

Dr. Alex Kodiath

Samarpan Spring Newsletter – 2010

April 28, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends,

Springtime is here and the flowers and birds bring new spirit of resurrection into our lives. We have many good things to share with you. First, Praem graduated in May, 2009 and has a very good job at San Diego Gas and Electric. Second, Mary has accepted a new job at the San Diego VA Healthcare System as the Program Manager for Health Promotion/Disease Prevention. Thirdly, Pria and Alex are going to India for 2 weeks to spend time at Samarpan Clinic. They will be working to improve health and wellness for the people treated at the clinic and continue to improve our Children’s Library and educational programs. Pria and Alex will inaugurate a newly built multipurpose center for the Children’s library and education center.

We continue to thank you for all the years of your support for Samarpan. This is going to be the 23rd year of unconditional service. Samarpan has served more than 500,000 people both at Samarpan’s Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine and Samarpan’s Thomas Memorial Clinic in India. Please continue your valuable prayers and support.

With sincere thanks,

Mary and Alex Kodiath 

Samarpan Newsletter – Spring 2006


April 4, 2006

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Spring is here. Longer days are favorite days of the year. Many of you might be wondering what happened to Samarpan after the inauguration of the final phase of the Medical Center in India. There was plenty of news to share with you but as you know, Mary and I working full time and having two teenagers’ growing needs, this letter comes a little later than expected.

“La Providencia” our retreat center is receiving a face lift. This summer the work will be completed. Sisters Pat and Millie still continue to do wonderful spiritual care for people through La Providencia. As you know, our goal is to add a Spiritual Leadership Center. We hope that this will be a Green Building. We need lots of prayers and support.

The Medical Center in India is doing very well. We started polio a vaccination program, T. B. screening, and other prevention projects. A major Eye Camp is scheduled for May 2006. There will be several doctors and nurses to screen patients for cataract, glaucoma, and other eye health problems.

The attached photo shows Nurse Sinkamony checking the children who have ailments, adults who have BPs, and insulin needs. She works at the clinic from Monday to Saturday. We are able to provide all these services free of charge because of your continued generous support.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and joyous spring for 2006.


Alex and Mary Kodiath