Celebration with Mother Antonia


November 16, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Mother Antonia came to Samarpan Spiritual Leadership on October 23rd and shared her unique mission and ministry with the prisoners in Tijuana and their families. In order to spiritually transform drug traffickers, thieves, murderers, and unfortunate children caught in between criminals and the legal system one needs to have special courage and determination. That was the story Mother Antonia shared with us at our center. This unbelievable story will linger for a long time in our minds and inspire us to our own mission in life.

Mary and I are also blessed with Mother Antonia’s presence on our 25th wedding anniversary. Samarpan friends shared our joy and blessings during our get together. Thank you so much for your kindness in sending a donation to Samarpan. As you well know, we continue our clinic in India, giving free medical care to hundreds each week.

We also continue to give retreats to the homeless several times a month at the Samarpan Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine, CA. The people who come to these retreats tell us that it is very significant in their ongoing healing process. It gives them an opportunity for prayer, meditation, quiet, and guidance.

Indeed, it is through the help of you and all of our benefactors that these people can be served. We thank you so much and reassure you that your donation will go directly to the people.

With much gratitude,

Alex and Mary Kodiath

Samarapan Healthcare Workshop – January 2009


Information for the Obama Transition Team

January 3, 2009


  1. Every person needs to have a healthcare provider or medical home. Sliding scale can be used to determine what a person should pay. No one should be denied care.
  2. The Federal Healthcare System should be the model of healthcare used. Bring out the best in the Federal Healthcare, Medicare, and the Medicaid Model.
  3. Mental health parity is a necessity for all forms of health coverage.
  4. Community clinics could provide basic healthcare needs and be wellness centers.
  5. There should be a mandate for pharmaceutical companies to provide medication for compassionate use and there can be incentives for these companies when they provide this.
  6. Pharmaceutical companies should have transparent research results. There should be a Federal Formulary and limited direct-to-consumer marketing.
  7. There needs to be litigation regulation for malpractice lawsuits and limitation for compensation.
  8. There needs to be medical ethical teams to determine viability of life. Heroic measures should be reviewed by medical ethical teams.
  9. Goodwill or probono providers should be encouraged and   incentives offered if there is a certain percentage of free care given. Patients should not be allowed to sue providers, except for cases of negligence. If a patient accuses the provider of negligence, then it should be up to the patient to prove the negligence.
  10. Incentives should be offered for patients who stay healthy, such as a point system that could be traded for cost benefit or decrease charges.
  11. Incentives should be given to businesses who provide healthcare, such as tax rebates, money reimbursement.
  12. The cost savings of providing all people with healthcare will exceed the expense as long as there are incentives to remain healthy, and for providers, hospitals, companies to prevent abuse. Incentives should be given at all levels of care to provide an effective healthcare system with wellness and prevention as a priority.

San Diego Fire Update – October 2007

San Diego made international news once again because of the devastating wild fires that swept through the county this October. Over 1500 homes and businesses were destroyed and over 500,000 people were evacuated. Fires are still burning as of November 2, 2007.

Our “Samarpan Spiritual Leadership Center” in Alpine, CA was under mandatory evacuation. Paul Gordon, our on-site Program Director and facility caretaker, reported seeing smoke in the distance in two different directions on Sunday, October 21 at noon. By 4 a.m. early Monday morning, he could see flames over the El Capitan Reservoir and reported 70+ mile-an-hour Santa Ana winds which tore down tree branches and blew apart a tool shed on the retreat grounds. Paul evacuated to his brother’s house in Carlsbad and later evacuated that location because of 2 voluntary evacuation decrees. He and his family were displaced for 2 nights. There was no fire damage at the retreat facility, but air patrols are still overhead scouting for hot spots that may endanger our location.

Mary and Alex Kodiath, founders of the Samarpan Non-Profit organization, and their daughter Pria were also evacuated from their home in Poway, CA. Their home was spared and all are safe once again.

Amongst the horrible devastation, acts of “unconditional service” (Samarpan) could be seen throughout San Diego County. The heroic efforts of our fire, police and military were extraordinary and the spirit of volunteerism in San Diego was/is inspirational!!! Strangers helping strangers… a community coming together to help those in need was TRUE LEADERSHIP IN ACTION!

THANK YOU to all our benefactors, friends and supporters for all of your prayers during this stressful time… your thoughtfulness has been gratefully appreciated!

Samarpan Newsletter – Spring 2006


April 4, 2006

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Spring is here. Longer days are favorite days of the year. Many of you might be wondering what happened to Samarpan after the inauguration of the final phase of the Medical Center in India. There was plenty of news to share with you but as you know, Mary and I working full time and having two teenagers’ growing needs, this letter comes a little later than expected.

“La Providencia” our retreat center is receiving a face lift. This summer the work will be completed. Sisters Pat and Millie still continue to do wonderful spiritual care for people through La Providencia. As you know, our goal is to add a Spiritual Leadership Center. We hope that this will be a Green Building. We need lots of prayers and support.

The Medical Center in India is doing very well. We started polio a vaccination program, T. B. screening, and other prevention projects. A major Eye Camp is scheduled for May 2006. There will be several doctors and nurses to screen patients for cataract, glaucoma, and other eye health problems.

The attached photo shows Nurse Sinkamony checking the children who have ailments, adults who have BPs, and insulin needs. She works at the clinic from Monday to Saturday. We are able to provide all these services free of charge because of your continued generous support.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and joyous spring for 2006.


Alex and Mary Kodiath