New Book: “Elephant Escapes to an Island” by Dr. Alex Kodiath


Dear Friends of Samarpan:

We are celebrating a special event. Alex has published his 3rd book!

Friend and Family were invited to a book signing party on June 9, 2012 of his book, “Elephant Escapes to an Island.” Though it is a children’s book it is equally good for adults to read. Through a fun and factual story the author is making an effort to inspire readers into leadership, cooperation, and forgiveness through a simple Elephant story.

Alex shared his forthcoming trip to India to start the Safe Drinking Water Project for children at the Samarpan Clinic. He has planned his summer vacation for this project. Besides adding books to the children’s library, he is also expected to enhance the medical, dental, and vision care at Samarpan Clinic. He is still hoping to send some dialysis machines, defibrillators, and cardio tech instruments to India.

Books by Dr. Alex Kodiath:

  • Elephant Escapes to an Island (June 9, 2012)
  • Elder Care Precious Presence (May 26, 2010)
  • Best Practice: SNF Social Services Policy and Procedures. (January 20, 2012)

Thank you to: Mary, Praem, and Pria

If you would like to order a copy of “Elephant Escapes to an Island” please email Dr. Alex Kodiath at:

In Memory of Joe Andrew – Our Brother, Our Friend


In Memory of Joe Andrew
Our Brother, Our Friend
who has entered his home of eternal happiness

Friends and Family gathered for a Celebration of Joe Andrew’s life on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at the Samarpan Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine, CA.

Joe served on the Steering Committee of Samarpan, a non-profit organization.

For those who wish, donations can be sent to:

13645 Catawba Drive
Poway, CA 92064

Celebration with Mother Antonia


November 16, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Mother Antonia came to Samarpan Spiritual Leadership on October 23rd and shared her unique mission and ministry with the prisoners in Tijuana and their families. In order to spiritually transform drug traffickers, thieves, murderers, and unfortunate children caught in between criminals and the legal system one needs to have special courage and determination. That was the story Mother Antonia shared with us at our center. This unbelievable story will linger for a long time in our minds and inspire us to our own mission in life.

Mary and I are also blessed with Mother Antonia’s presence on our 25th wedding anniversary. Samarpan friends shared our joy and blessings during our get together. Thank you so much for your kindness in sending a donation to Samarpan. As you well know, we continue our clinic in India, giving free medical care to hundreds each week.

We also continue to give retreats to the homeless several times a month at the Samarpan Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine, CA. The people who come to these retreats tell us that it is very significant in their ongoing healing process. It gives them an opportunity for prayer, meditation, quiet, and guidance.

Indeed, it is through the help of you and all of our benefactors that these people can be served. We thank you so much and reassure you that your donation will go directly to the people.

With much gratitude,

Alex and Mary Kodiath

Samarapan Healthcare Workshop – January 2009


Information for the Obama Transition Team

January 3, 2009


  1. Every person needs to have a healthcare provider or medical home. Sliding scale can be used to determine what a person should pay. No one should be denied care.
  2. The Federal Healthcare System should be the model of healthcare used. Bring out the best in the Federal Healthcare, Medicare, and the Medicaid Model.
  3. Mental health parity is a necessity for all forms of health coverage.
  4. Community clinics could provide basic healthcare needs and be wellness centers.
  5. There should be a mandate for pharmaceutical companies to provide medication for compassionate use and there can be incentives for these companies when they provide this.
  6. Pharmaceutical companies should have transparent research results. There should be a Federal Formulary and limited direct-to-consumer marketing.
  7. There needs to be litigation regulation for malpractice lawsuits and limitation for compensation.
  8. There needs to be medical ethical teams to determine viability of life. Heroic measures should be reviewed by medical ethical teams.
  9. Goodwill or probono providers should be encouraged and   incentives offered if there is a certain percentage of free care given. Patients should not be allowed to sue providers, except for cases of negligence. If a patient accuses the provider of negligence, then it should be up to the patient to prove the negligence.
  10. Incentives should be offered for patients who stay healthy, such as a point system that could be traded for cost benefit or decrease charges.
  11. Incentives should be given to businesses who provide healthcare, such as tax rebates, money reimbursement.
  12. The cost savings of providing all people with healthcare will exceed the expense as long as there are incentives to remain healthy, and for providers, hospitals, companies to prevent abuse. Incentives should be given at all levels of care to provide an effective healthcare system with wellness and prevention as a priority.