ELDER CARE Precious Presence – Book by: Dr. Alex Kodiath


“Ninety percent of the population faces long-term care for their life or the life of a loved one. In Elder Care: Precious Presence, author Dr. Alex Kodiath presents personal, true stories of life in long-term care and reflects on the lessons that can be drawn from these stories.

With almost twenty-five years of experience in social work in the medical field, Kodiath gives guidance on the spiritual nurturing of those in long- term care and discusses the importance of compassion in caregiving. Elder Care: Precious Presence provides the tools for professionals and families to understand the needs of the sick and the elderly and how to answer these basic needs with love and grace. The stories illustrate the concept of the spiritual grace of presence.

Elder Care: Precious Presence provides hope. It demonstrates that the end of a loved one’s life doesn’t have to be a time of fear, confusion, and guilt. It can, instead, be a time of healing, a time of loving, and a time of dignity, acceptance, and peace.”

“The thoughtful nurse. The patient doctor. The family member who sits silently in love. These are the vanguard of compassionate care and a healing presence. In this book, Dr. Alex Kodiath presents vignettes that illustrate the power of spiritual healing simply by being present to the elderly or ailing. No heroics required. Simply being present in love.”

—Roy D. Martinez, Administrator, Heritage Rehabilitation Center, Torrance, California

“In this book of personal experiences and professional reflections, Dr. Alex Kodiath has illustrated what it means for families and health care workers to care with compassion. Once you have read this book, you will understand what it means to truly gift someone with your presence.”

—Marcia S. Weldon, Administrator, AV Healthcare, Antelope Valley, California

“This book is a precious gift to family members who want to remain involved in the care of their loved ones. I recommend this book because, at times, family members don’t know what to do when they visit the nursing home.”

—Joyce Hoover, Admission Coordinator, Escondido Care Center, Escondido, California

If you would like to order a copy of “Elder Care: Precious Presence” please email Dr. Alex Kodiath at: akodiath@gmail.com