Celebration with Mother Antonia


November 16, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Mother Antonia came to Samarpan Spiritual Leadership on October 23rd and shared her unique mission and ministry with the prisoners in Tijuana and their families. In order to spiritually transform drug traffickers, thieves, murderers, and unfortunate children caught in between criminals and the legal system one needs to have special courage and determination. That was the story Mother Antonia shared with us at our center. This unbelievable story will linger for a long time in our minds and inspire us to our own mission in life.

Mary and I are also blessed with Mother Antonia’s presence on our 25th wedding anniversary. Samarpan friends shared our joy and blessings during our get together. Thank you so much for your kindness in sending a donation to Samarpan. As you well know, we continue our clinic in India, giving free medical care to hundreds each week.

We also continue to give retreats to the homeless several times a month at the Samarpan Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine, CA. The people who come to these retreats tell us that it is very significant in their ongoing healing process. It gives them an opportunity for prayer, meditation, quiet, and guidance.

Indeed, it is through the help of you and all of our benefactors that these people can be served. We thank you so much and reassure you that your donation will go directly to the people.

With much gratitude,

Alex and Mary Kodiath

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