Samarpan Spring Newsletter – 2010

April 28, 2010

Dear Samarpan Friends,

Springtime is here and the flowers and birds bring new spirit of resurrection into our lives. We have many good things to share with you. First, Praem graduated in May, 2009 and has a very good job at San Diego Gas and Electric. Second, Mary has accepted a new job at the San Diego VA Healthcare System as the Program Manager for Health Promotion/Disease Prevention. Thirdly, Pria and Alex are going to India for 2 weeks to spend time at Samarpan Clinic. They will be working to improve health and wellness for the people treated at the clinic and continue to improve our Children’s Library and educational programs. Pria and Alex will inaugurate a newly built multipurpose center for the Children’s library and education center.

We continue to thank you for all the years of your support for Samarpan. This is going to be the 23rd year of unconditional service. Samarpan has served more than 500,000 people both at Samarpan’s Spiritual Leadership Center in Alpine and Samarpan’s Thomas Memorial Clinic in India. Please continue your valuable prayers and support.

With sincere thanks,

Mary and Alex Kodiath 

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