Samarpan Newsletter – Spring 2006


April 4, 2006

Dear Samarpan Friends:

Spring is here. Longer days are favorite days of the year. Many of you might be wondering what happened to Samarpan after the inauguration of the final phase of the Medical Center in India. There was plenty of news to share with you but as you know, Mary and I working full time and having two teenagers’ growing needs, this letter comes a little later than expected.

“La Providencia” our retreat center is receiving a face lift. This summer the work will be completed. Sisters Pat and Millie still continue to do wonderful spiritual care for people through La Providencia. As you know, our goal is to add a Spiritual Leadership Center. We hope that this will be a Green Building. We need lots of prayers and support.

The Medical Center in India is doing very well. We started polio a vaccination program, T. B. screening, and other prevention projects. A major Eye Camp is scheduled for May 2006. There will be several doctors and nurses to screen patients for cataract, glaucoma, and other eye health problems.

The attached photo shows Nurse Sinkamony checking the children who have ailments, adults who have BPs, and insulin needs. She works at the clinic from Monday to Saturday. We are able to provide all these services free of charge because of your continued generous support.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and joyous spring for 2006.


Alex and Mary Kodiath

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